A downloadable custom world

Ruins of Text is a custom world for the game Baba Is You. You are always text and nothing else is you in this mysterious ruins.

There are only 5 normal levels (the ones with alphabets), but it has a total of 11 levels with some secrets and "surprises". Remember, if you see roses in a level, they are your goal.

Install instructions

1. Enable the level editor in Baba Is You by following the tutorial or the guide. This will enable you to play custom worlds too.
2. Find a folder where the game is installed.
3. Put the custom world folder "Ruins of Text - World" in <your game folder>/Data/World. There should be another folder named "baba" there which is the original Baba Is You world. Maybe.
4. Enjoy!

Note: You can't play this world without the original game. You can get it at itch.io or Steam or elsewhere it's out.


Ruins of Text.zip [v1.0.6] 72 kB

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