Hotfix 1.0.3 - the path

After its release, Ruins of Text had 3 minor updates. The first 2 were some miscellaneous ones to make the game cooler, but this 3rd update fixes a fatal bug in the world map. In the previous version, a path at the top right part of the map was disconnected, preventing you from getting to extra levels.

What this update brings you is pretty simple. Reconnecting the incomplete path. But being simple doesn't necessarily mean insignificance. You might have felt unsettled seeing the broken line. Is the path supposed to end up this way? What awaits you at the center of the rose garden? Now that the path is connected, you can keep solving puzzles without worry.

Enjoy your exploration in the ruins, and seriously, sorry for the inconvenience.


Ruins of [ver 1.0.3] 75 kB
Jul 31, 2019

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