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Cauldron Mania is a mod for Dicey Dungeons.

It adds in total 5 new episodes for Witch, Robot, and Thief with a bunch of new equipment and spells.

  • Cauldron Mania [Witch] - Cauldrons are bad, they say. But you have to make good use of cauldrons in this episode, because almost all spells you get are cauldrons!
  • Roulette Game [Robot] - This episode features really unique mechanics. It's like Thief's Crowbar builds, but with more flexibility. (It's hard to explain only by words. I recommend you to watch the video on the right.)
  • The Elimination Round C.M./R.G. [Witch/Robot] - The Elimination Round counterparts of those 2 episodes above.
  • Hourglass [Thief] - Wouldn't it be cool if the whole Uptick episode was full of puzzles? So here it is.

Also, 8 enemies have been reworked and have wackier loads of equipment. They do similar attacks as their base enemies, but in trickier ways. For example, Smiley (based on Slime) inflicts less poison per turn, but heals both you and itself with its adorable smile. This makes the fight last longer, and it can stack more poison in the long run.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsDicey Dungeons, Roguelite
Average sessionAbout an hour
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I can't beat the singer. the maximum damage I can deal is 30 out of 32. In an hourgrass episode

The singer puzzle is pretty tough. I can give you hints, but I don't want to put them here because anyone can see this comment.

Ask me in Dicecord or twitter if you want help.

is this available on Mac?

I don't have Mac and can't confirm, but it should be.
First, find Dicey Dungeons game folder. There is a mod folder inside it, and it has some official mods like frogurt and halloweenspecial. Unzip my mod and place it in the mod folder. Then open the game, click MODS option in the settings, and cauldronmania should be listed there.

thanks and sorry im late to reply

No worries. I hope you enjoy it😉

Is it even possible to beat the Handyman in Hourglass bc I'm not actually sure it is!!!!

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Yup. I tested it by myself, and I saw 2 people beat that episode.

If you want hints, hit me up on Dicecord or twitter.

I've gotta say, the mod is really great, I haven't really experienced the new enemies, but the episodes are really great, I especially love the new Uptick Puzzle episode.
Keep up the good work.

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Thanks!! Each new enemy has a 50% chance to be replaced the base enemy with, and some are even excluded from some of the episodes, so it's natural that you don't see new enemies so often.

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This is really cool! I love the Roulette Game; it's so satisfying to launch multiple attacks at once! However, it would be nice if the wheels moved a bit faster. This is probably my favorite Dicey Dungeons mod so far, if partially due to the fact that I can't get any others to work. Incidentally, do you know how to fix "missing meta" and "missing icon" warnings?

Thanks for playing! And yeah I'll make the wheels spin faster in the next update.

As for the warnings, which mod do you have problems with? I heard some mods have their metadata files in wrong places. If you can load Halloween Special, which is one of the official mods, without warnings, then there would be something wrong with that mod you can't load.

More Fluff, Megaquest, Dicey Dungeons: Chaos Edition, and Remix Anarchy. However, they seem to work if I select the folder for the mod, but not if I select the Dicey Dungeons mod folder, so I can only run one mod at a time. Halloween Special works just fine.

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I saw your comments in More Fluff page, and I think now I know what caused the problems.

The unzipped morefluff folder has another morefluff folder inside it. To play the mod, you have to copy the second morefluff folder to the Dicey Dungeon mod folder.

The other three are not updated since the last modding update to the base game. I'm not sure you can play them without bugs. Remix Anarchy looks fine though.

Ok. Thanks for the help!